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Don's Life In Thailand (Chiang Mai)
"Moo Kata's and Restaurants"
In Chiang Mai
Times Magazine reported that, per population, Chiang Mai has more foreign
restaurant than any other city in the world.   A walk around the city and you'll see
why they made this claim.

I'm not going to attempt to list all the restaurant in Chiang Mai.  Instead, I have
provide links, at the very bottom of this page, to many websites that have already
compiled a list of the best know restaurants in Chiang Mai.

What I would like to provide here is a list of the some of the more popular eating
places not on any list.

Moo Kata's (Thai style bar-b-que - all you can eat)

If you are traveling around the city and see something like this  
It's probably a Moo Kata

Most visitors to Chiang Mai, and many many farangs, who have been here many
years,  have never heard of a Moo Kata and miss the most popular style of Thai
"Moo Kata"( which means "pork-pan or pork-skillet").  This is mainly
because the Moo Kata's do not advertise themselves in English

This is a buffet style bar-b-que, all you can eat.  They open at about 6pm
and stay open until 11pm or 12pm.  They are located all over Chiang Mai.  The
bigger ones may have huge screens with Thai TV;  karaoke and/or live music
performances, etc.  .   There's usually plenty of parking and a playground for the
kids.  For detail information on what a Moo Kata is  

If you can't finish all your food, you may be charged extra (about 10 baht per
plate). It's tempting to take too much initially, since there is so much to chose
from.   Just remember, you can always go back for more. And don't forget to
save room for dessert.   Prices can  range from 100 to 200 Baht.  The cheaper
ones do not have as large a selection of food, there's no entertainment, and they
usually charge extra for the beverages.

"Sukonta Moo Kata".  This is my favorite.   It is the biggest, or 1 of the
biggest, in Chiang Mai (2000 seats).  They are located behind Hillside 4 Condo
just off of Huay Kaew Road.  They have it all:  Food to bar-b-que; prepared food;
live entertainment; play area for kids; plenty of parking, etc.  They even have
pizza.  Open from 1700 to 2400 everyday.  
46/1, Huay Kaew Rd   
Tel:  053-215666, 081-9527048   
Cost is 199 Baht (Includes non-alcholic beverages)

"Dung Dung Moo Kata".  This is my second favorite.   It's almost as big as
Sukonta (1700 seats).  They also have a huge selection of food.   I think their
stage may be bigger and the entertainment may be more elaborate.  They're
located on Super Highway about half way between the Grandview Hotel and
Tesco Lotus.  Open from 1700 to 2400 everyday.
66 Super Highway
Tel:  053-217415
Cost is        Baht plus small charge for beverage

    Other Restaurants
(Not in Restaurant Guides)
I've only included Restaurants that I have personally visited

Chiang Mai Grandview Hotel - Buffet Lunch

My friends and I eat here about 2-3 times a month.  The food is good and for the
price it's probably the best buffet in town.  I took my girlfriend, and her mother
here.  Now they want to go more often.
Chang–Puek restaurant offers an international buffet (all you can eat) with a
variety menu that includes Japanese, European, Chinese and Thai food.
Lunch served from 11.30 a.m. until  02.00 p.m.  
Located on Super Hwy near Nimmarnheamin Rd..  Hard to miss sign on Hotel
Cost - 159 Baht
More information call 053 220100-9 # 222
If you plan on going on the week end or holiday, call to make a reservation
Note:  Check out the hand dryer in the bathroom

M's Cuisine Italian Restaurant

Excellent Italian food at a reasonable price
Prasertland, Nimmanhaemin Soi 6
Located just above Nimmanhaemin Road, near Sawan Dang (The Red Dawn)
Music Hall, before Canal Road.  
Open from 5 to 10:30pm and closed on Sundays and Wednesdays
Tel: 081-952-1407.
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Megumi Japanese Restaurant

Owned by Mr. & Mrs Tokuda (from Japan)
Small Restaurant, but excellent Japanese food
Very reasonable priced
Located across the street from Hill Side Condo
125 Huay Kaew Rd
Open 12:00 to 23:30 (closed on Wednesday)
Tel:  087 003 8669

The Salad Concept

One of the best (all you can eat Salad Bar) in town.  
49/9-10 Nimmanhemin Rd
Open 1100   to 2300.  Closed on 2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month
Tel:  053-894-455
Note:  I would recommend making a reservation.  I've had to wait every time I've
gone there

Franco - Thai Place Restaurant

Excellent French Restaurant hidden away on a side street behind ICON PLAZA
off of Huay Kaew Rd. They have an excellent variety and the food was delicious
19/3 Soi 3 Maneenoparat Rd
Tel:  089-855-6697
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Bake & Bite  Bakery & Restaurant

In addition to Home Baked Products, they have extensive Menus for Breakfast
and Lunch.  This is "The Place" to eat for Thanksgiving Day meal.  I've eaten
here many times.  
2 Loctions:
Nimmanhemin Soi 6  Tel 053-400 577 (closed Wednesdays)
Kaew-nawarat Soi 3/2  Tel  053-249 689 (Closed Friday

Misone Korean Restaurant

Very good Korean food.  I've eaten here a few times.  Haven't had dinner there
A Buffet Lunch (all you can eat)  119 Baht
A Buffet Dinner BBQ (all you can eat)  299 Baht
9 Nimmanhaemin Rd Soi 7
Tel:  053-894-989

Noi's Cuisine (Italian)

This is definately not a fancy eatery, but it is clean and the food is up with the
best and the prices are far less than any others.  I have eaten here about 5 or 6
times in the past 1 1/2 months.  They're a little out of the way.  If you're going by
Songthaew or Tuk Tuk get off on Huay Kaew Rd at the Hillside Condo 4.  Go
completely through the lobby and then through the Furama Hotel lobby and out
the back door.  As soon as you step out the back, you'll see the restaurant.   If
you're driving, go to the Furama Hotel (entrance off Super Hwy).  You can use
their parking lot.     Picture shown is "Chicken Steak with Black Pepper Sauce"
(120 Baht)
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Open daily 10:00 to 23:00
Tel  084 363 8063

Tsibugan Philippine Dish

This is the only Philippino Restaurant in Chiang Mai.  I haven't been here yet, but
I've been told the food is very good
To see Menu  
Rotfai Road, Near Railway Station , Chiang Mai, Thailand 50000
0866542839, 0875911611
Tuesday - Sunday  5:00 pm - 10:00 pm


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