Warning:  As of March 25, 2015

I would not advise using the train.  In the past 23 months, there have been 25 major
derailments that have made the front page of the newspaper.  There are many minor
derailments that did not make the front page.  During the past 25 months, there have been a
total of 117 derailments.
It was reported in the Newspaper that the train line from Bangkok to Chiang Mai has not had
any maintenance for about 30 years.  The only time any maintenance is done is after a
derailment and only on that section that caused the problem.

The SRT operates all of Thailand's national rail lines on Narrow Gauge Tracks

ISSUES (From Wikipedia)The SRT has long been popularly perceived by the public as
inefficient and resistant to change. Trains are usually late, and most of its equipment is old and
poorly maintained. The worst financially performing state enterprise, the SRT consistently
operates at a loss despite being endowed with large amounts of property and receiving large
government budgets; it reported a preliminary loss of 7.58 billion Baht in 2010.[1] Recurring
government attempts at restructuring and/or privatization throughout the 2000s have always
been strongly opposed by the union and have not made any progress.  

Train travel used to be the easiest and best way to get around & see the country.  Taking the train was the best
way to travel between Bangkok & Chiang Mai,

Train Clases
1 = 1st class sleepers.  S = 2nd class sleepers (air-conditioned).  s = 2nd class sleepers (non-air-con).  
2 = 2nd class seats.  R = Restaurant car.
3 = 3rd class seats.  DRC = Diesel Rail car express with 2nd class air-conditioned seats, meals included (but DRC


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